All About Vlackbook

Who is Vlackbook?

Jesus Pineda is the Creator of Vlackbook. He was born on April 28, 2001, in Fort Lauderdale Florida. He grew up in Broward and for High school he graduated from Western High school and got his AAS from Miami’s Fashion Institute.

How was Vlackbook created?

As all of us, we have many inspirations but Jesus says his biggest inspiration is himself. He felt that he doesn’t just inspire himself but everyone around him.

When first creating the brand name, it was a struggle. Originally it was going to be “Pain N’ Panic”, but once he heard Vlackbook it just felt right to him.

As for Vlackbook, he created his brand in 2016. He started out making designs on Adobe and Illustrator. As of right now, he just graduated from MFI (Miami’s Fashion Institute) and is moving his brand more to a cut & sew designer aesthetic rather than a t-shirt brand.

Jesus Pineda’s message to the world

A piece of advice Jesus would like to give to anyone who’s scared to start up their own business is just to go for it. Don’t listen to those who want to hold you back because those are the ones who doubt themselves and never tried to go out for what they wanted. If you’re scared of failure, don’t be, just remember it’s a learning experience. As for Jesus, a piece of advice he’d give himself if he’s ever doubtful would be “Just keep on pushing, you have so many ideas and creations yet to be made”.  Many people everyday have doubts on certain things, but Jesus certainly didn’t have any throughout his career so far. Every mistake he’s made is just a learning experience for him. 

Along with Vlackbook, there is so much to come. Jesus will continue on designing what he loves. Vlackbook is what he stands for today.


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